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AssemblyAI provides state-of-the-art AI models through its API, enabling companies like Spotify, CallRail, and Writer to access powerful speech recognition and understanding capabilities. With advanced AI models, AssemblyAI accurately transcribes and comprehends audio files, video files, and live audio streams at scale. Its versatile capabilities include transcription, summarization, detection of hateful content, and identification of spoken topics, among others. The simple and secure API offered by AssemblyAI is trusted by startups and global enterprises alike, making it a reliable choice for integrating AI-powered features into your products. AssemblyAI finds applications in various industries, including developers building AI-first products that require speech recognition capabilities, businesses seeking to improve call transcription accuracy and customer experience, and organizations aiming to analyze and understand spoken content for multiple purposes. Experience the power of AssemblyAI and unleash intelligent insights from audio or video sources through its comprehensive AI-driven solutions. Upload your favorite audio or video file to their no-code playground to witness AssemblyAI in action.

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