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About This Tool

With Stork, teams can easily record and share meetings for playback with the entire team, create workspaces with high visibility, and make better business decisions with a single, all-in-one platform.

Some of the key features of Stork ChatGPT for Teams include

Recordings and transcriptions Stork automatically records and transcribes all video and voice meetings and calls. This allows teams to playback meetings and calls at their convenience, and to easily search for key information.

ChatGPT-based AI personas Stork includes a number of ChatGPT-based AI personas that can help teams with a variety of tasks, such as answering marketing questions, providing legal advice, or creating illustrations.

Channels and workspaces Stork allows teams to create channels and workspaces for different projects or departments. This helps to keep conversations organized and to make it easy to find information.

Screen recording Stork also includes a screen recording feature that allows teams to record their screen and voice for easy sharing.

Stork ChatGPT for Teams is a powerful tool that can help hybrid and remote teams improve communication and productivity. With its wide range of features, Stork is a valuable asset for any team that is looking to get more done

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